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iMountek Walk the Plank Mouse Trap Reusable Rat Trap Rodent Animal Trap Natural Wooden Auto Reset Humane Bucket Rat Trap without Poison

Walk the Plank Mouse Trap Reusable Rat Trap Rodent Animal Trap Natural Wooden Auto Reset Humane Bucket Rat Trap without Poison
Item Code: HG_RatTrap_GPCT2313
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Are you still using rat poison, snap mouse traps? Are you tired of trying many rat traps, but still haven\'t solved them? Our wooden plank rat/mouse traps solve these problems. Just use regular food bait, set up our mousetrap correctly, and once the mice smell the bait, the chances of catching a mouse are greatly increased. And with a magnet design balance plate, can be reusable effectively.

  • * SAFE AND HUMANE: Without the spring-load mechanism, our rat traps won’t result bleed directly to death. It avoids the risk of your fingers or pet\'s paws getting stuck or pinched when accidentally touching the rat trap. By using food as bait, it’s non-toxic and harmless to people and pets, which is safe. If you don\'t want to kill it, pour less than 1/3 of the water in the bucket. Instead, you can pour more than 1/3 of the water to eliminate it.

  • * REUSABLE AND EFFECTIVE: Unlike the regular snap traps and glue traps, our rat traps have a balance device with a balance plank and the built-in magnet that provide resilient, reusable function. Using the principle of lever balance, the weight of the mouse itself makes the wooden board unbalanced and thus falls into the bucket, so that the mice will be captures effectively.

  • * EASY SETUP AND MANAGEMENT: Firstly, you just need to pour water in the bucket and clip the trap on the edge of the bucket; secondly, set a stick on the bucket; thirdly, just put some bait on the plank. And everything is OK, you just need to wait the mouse falling down in the bucket.

  • * SANITARY AND EASY TO CLEAN: No skin damage, no blood, no direct touch, more sanitary. Our rat trap is made of natural wood, and the plank is acrylic, which is waterproof to a certain extent and easy to clean. Just wipe it with disinfectant paper towels.

  • * USER FRIENDLY: Our rat trap only needs to hang on the bucket edge, no drilling or other product installation steps. What you get is a complete product that has already been installed. There is no need to install this product yourself, so it is very convenient to use.

    • Note:
      The upper side of the plank is attached with a layer of paper, you can rip it off.
      Please allow slight deviation of measurement.

Brand: iMounTEK
Product Type: Wooden Plank Rat Trap
Material: Wood and Acrylic
Color: Wood Grain
Item Size: 7cm x 4cm x 21cm/2.75inch x 1.57inch x 8.26 inch
Item Weight: 170g/0.37lbs
Package size: 25*13*5.5cm/9.84*5.12*2.17in
Package weight: 230g/0.51 lbs

1 x Wooden Plank Mouse Trap
1 x User Manual