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Shark Shark WS642 WANDVAC System Lightweight Cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum With Charging Dock PowerFins Self Cleaning Brushroll Duster Crevice Tool Pet Mul

Shark WS642 WANDVAC System Lightweight Cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum With Charging Dock PowerFins Self Cleaning Brushroll Duster Crevice Tool Pet Multi-Tool
Item Code: SharkWS642_Vacuum(Grey)(RB)_GPCT4821
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Shark WS642 WANDVAC System Vacuum, a highly efficient and lightweight 3-in-1 cordless vacuum designed to handle pet hair and any other debris effortlessly on both bare floors and high-pile carpets. Flexibly switching between the handheld and upright configurations, makes this powerful vacuum easy to move around and suitable for use in different areas of your home. HyperVelocity accelerated suction power and PowerFins brushroll provides incredible cleaning performance for deep-clean dirt, debris, and more.

  • Powerful & Lightweight Vacuum: Featured with enhanced HyperVelocity accelerated suction power, this Shark WS642 vacuum delivers exceptional cleaning performance by efficiently picking up dirt and dust particles from bare floors, high-pile carpets or any other surfaces. Lightweight frame and cordless design makes this handheld vacuum ready for immediate use when needed.

  • 3-In-1 Vacuum For Anywhere: Consist of 3 detachable parts, our 3-in-1 Shark WANDVAC vacuum can be flexibly assembled into various formations you need, making it cater to floor cleaning tasks, above-floor works and hard-to reach area ceiling hassles. With its convenient one-touch switch between cleaning modes, it effortlessly adapts to different surfaces, leaving no corner untouched.

  • PowerFins Deep Cleaning Technology: Unique innovative PowerFins technology ensures deep-cleaning capabilities by continuously engaging with carpets and floors to eliminate even the most embedded dirt particles effectively. Experience a brand new Shark cleaning solution that guarantees a thorough clean every time.

  • No-Hair-Wrap Brushroll: Say goodbye to hair wrap issues! The self-cleaning brushroll mechanism of this Shark WS642 vacuum cleaner prevents long pet and human hair from tangling around the brushroll during extended use, ensuring consistent efficiency and optimal performance.

  • One-Touch Dust Cup Empty: Come with user-friendly and hygienic one-touch dust cup empty function, you can quickly empty the dust cup without any mess or hassle. Our Shark WS642 cordless vacuum is a perfect choice for busy households or those who value cleanliness and convenience.

    • Q&A:
      Q1: What do the three lights on the hand vacuum mean?
      A1: The lights on the hand vacuum show the remaining charge in the battery. The lights will also blink and illuminate to show the status of the battery while charging. In addition, the lights will illuminate in certain configurations to inform you of any issues with the hand vacuum or nozzle.
      Q2: The battery has low runtime. What should I do?
      A2: The initial battery charge is approximately 30%. Before first use, charge the battery completely. A full charge takes approximately 3.5 hours. Please note that battery runtime is affected by the type of cleaning the vacuum is used for. Vacuuming on high pile carpet will reduce battery runtime quicker than vacuuming bare floors. If you have more than one battery, it is recommended that you use and charge them equally.
      Q3: What if the battery is warm to the touch or indicates that it\'s too warm to charge?
      A3: Your battery may feel warm in use as air passes through the vacuum. If it feels uncomfortably warm, stop using the vacuum and allow the battery to cool. Batteries can get warm from use, which is not optimal for charging. When this occurs, the charger will wait for the battery to cool before it begins charging.
      Q4: When and how do I clean the dust-cup, filters, and cyclone?
      A4: Filters may need to be cleaned if the vacuum stops picking up dirt, if airflow is restricted, or if you notice lighter or no suction. For optimal performance, clean filters regularly. Between cleanings, lightly tap filters over a trash receptacle to remove dust and debris as needed. Rinse the fabric filter once monthly, or as needed. • To access the fabric filter, first eject the dust cup, then press the filter release latch to remove the filter housing. • Press the tabs on the orange frame of the filter to gently remove it from the filter housing. • Tap clean. • Rinse filter with water only. • Allow filter to air-dry completely (at least 24 hours) before reinstalling. • To reinstall, slide the filter back into the filter housing, press the housing back into place, then close the dust cup. Rinse the pre-motor filter in the dust cup every 12 months, or as needed. • To access the pre-motor filter, lift the door on the left side of the auto-empty dock and pull the filter up and out of the dock • Tap clean • Rinse filter with water only. • Allow filter to air-dry completely (at least 24 hours) before reinstalling. • To reinstall, slide the filter back into the filter housing, then close the filter door.
      Q5: When and how do I empty the dust cup?
      A5: For optimal performance, empty the dust cup each time you vacuum. With the power switch off and the hand vacuum positioned over a trash can, slide the dust cup release button (underneath the power button) forward. The dust cup door will drop open. Tap gently to empty contents. Wipe the dust cup and the mesh screen inside lightly with a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt. Close the dust cup door, pressing it until it clicks into place.
      Q6: I was wondering if there was a charging cord included so I may charge the handheld wand while away from the charging dock?
      A6: We would like to let you know that this unit can be charged while on the dock or with the charging cord attached to the hand vacuum.
      Q7: How do I store my vacuum?
      A7: Place the unit on the charging dock, with the hook on the back of the wand hanging on the charging post. Make sure the contacts on the wand are aligned with the contacts on the charging post. A second option is to plug the charging port directly into the hand vacuum. Unplug the cord from your charging dock and connect it to the port in the hand vac nozzle.
      Q8: How do I clean above the floor with or without accessories?
      A8: To clean with the hand vacuum, detach it from the wand. Press the release buttons on both sides of the handle and lift the hand vac off the wand. For more cleaning reach, leave the hand vacuum attached to the wand, and detach the wand from the floor nozzle. Press the nozzle release button on the bottom of the wand, then gently pull up on the hand vac to remove the nozzle. Attach an accessory to the nozzle opening in the hand vacuum or the wand opening and begin cleaning. To detach accessories from the hand vacuum, press the one-touch release buttons. To detach accessories from the wand, press the nozzle release button.

Brand: Shark
Product Type: Shark WS642 Cordless Vacuum
Material: ABS
Color Option: Grey, Green, Rose Gold, Blue
Voltage: 14.4V
Power: 120W
Power Supply: 1PC UN3481Rechargeable Battery
Runtime: 16.5Mins Maximum Continuous Use
Charging Time: 210Mins
Filter Type: Washable HEPA H-10
Bin Capacity: 0.03Gal
Bagless: Yes
Cleaning Path Width: 8.35in
Item Size: 29.46x28.44x111.76cm/11.6x11.2x44in (LxWxH)
Item Weight: 2.67kg/5.9LBS
Package Size: 16.5x22.5x5in
Package Weight: 9.4lbs

1x Vacuum Cleaner
1x Duster Crevice Tool
1x Pet Multi-Tool
1x Adapter Charger
1x Contact Charging Base